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Wicked Guiter Inst. [ Studio 1 (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. Joe Gibbs Pro. [ Special Edition (US) ]SAMPLE
Vocal + DJ. Angel Of The Morning Cover. [ Wings Intl (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Vocal. ( Track : Stalag ) [ Techniques (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Vocal. ( Track : Stalag ) [ Techniques (JA) ]SAMPLE
Big Hit. Great Vocal. [ Hit Bound (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. [ Meditation Records(BA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Vocal. Jackie Mittoo Pro. [ Stine Jac (CA) ]SAMPLE
Great Soul Cover. Bunny Lee Pro. [ Neville Sounds (UK) ]SAMPLE
Great Lovers Rock Vocal. [ Deb (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. ( Track : Live & Learn ) [ Peckings(UK) ]SAMPLE
Great Cover. [ On Top Records (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. [ On Top Records (JA) ]SAMPLE
Big Hit. Great Vocal. [ Matador (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. [ Matador (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. [ High Note (JA) ]SAMPLE
Rare. Great Vocal. [ Soul Beat (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal. [ Thompson Sound (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Vocal ( Track : I'm Just A Guy ). [ Thompson Sound (UK) ]SAMPLE
Great Vocal. Mr Soul Of Jamaica. [ Ellis (JP) ]