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Wicked Roots. Joseph Hoo Kim Pro. [ Cord (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked DJ Channel One. [ Ballistick (UK) ]SAMPLE
Foundation Roots. Joseph Hookim Pro. [ Jama Re-Issue (UK) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Reggae Vocal. [ Well Charge (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Roots Rock Vocal. [ Disco Mix (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good DJ. Joseph Hookim Pro. [ Dip (UK) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Reggae Vocal. [ Well Charge (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked DJ. ( He Prayed ) [ Cord (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked DJ. ( Mean Girl ) [ Channel One (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Great Reggae Vocal. [ Well Charge (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice DJ. ( Ballistic Affair ) [ Disco Mix (JA) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Killer Roots Rock Vocal. [ Well Charge (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Roots Vocal. ( I'll Be Lonely ) [ Disco Mix (JA) ]SAMPLE
Early 80's. [ Hit Bound (US) ]SAMPLE
Cover Of The Heptones. Joseph Hookim Pro. [ Hawkeye (UK) ]SAMPLE
Good Reggae Vocal. Ken Boothe Cover. [ Hit Bound (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Reggae Vocal. Cover. [ Cord (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Vocal. [ Hit Bound (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Cool Reggae Vocal. [ Channel One (JA) ]SAMPLE
Killer DJ. ( Unchained ) [ Well Charge (JA) ]SAMPLE