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Great DJ. [ Supreme (JA) ]SAMPLE
Great Dancehall Vocal. [ Now (JA) ]SAMPLE
Rare. 1990 Great Combination. [ Parish (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked DJ. [ The Front Line (JA) ]SAMPLE
Rare. Nice Reggae Vocal. [ Channel One (JA) ]SAMPLE
Cool Roots Rock Vocal. [ Heart & Soul (UK) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Roots Rock Vocal. [ Greensleeves (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Roots Rock Vocal. [ Mummy (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Reggae Vocal. Clive Chin Pro. [ Camel (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Vocal. [ Demon (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Reggae Vocal. [ Impact (JA) ]SAMPLE
Cool Reggae Vocal. [ Impact (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Vocal. [ Impact (JA) ]SAMPLE
Great Dancehall Vocal. [ Kenyon Force (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Digital. [ Courage Int. (JA) ]SAMPLE
The Wailers Cover. [ Jah Life Time (JA) ]SAMPLE
Stevie Wonder Cover. [ Jah Life Time (JA) ]SAMPLE
Great Reggae Covers. [ Firehouse (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Love Song. [ Black Lion (UK) ]SAMPLE
Lovers Rock Classics. [ Santic (UK) ]SAMPLE