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80's Nice DJ. Classic Dancehall. [ Tad's (US) ]SAMPLE
UK Lovers And Reggae His Best. [ Pama (UK) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Nice Calypso. [ Wirl (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits Nice Reggae. [ Trojan (UK) ]SAMPLE
Early 80's Wicked Dancehall & Reggae. [ Bay City (UK) ]SAMPLE
80's Cool Reggae Vocal. [ Top Rank (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Roots & Reggae Album. [ Top Ranking International (US) ]SAMPLE
70's Nice Soul & Ballad.[ Dynamic (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked 80's Roots & Reggae. [ Elektra (CA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Inst. [ Trojan (UK) ]SAMPLE
Great His 70's Lovers.[ Generation (CA) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Great Roots. [ Island (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice 80's Roots & Reggae. [ Thompson Sound (JA) ]SAMPLE
80's Nice Roots To Reggae.[ RAS Records (US) ]SAMPLE
80's Good Roots To Lovers.[ I Anka (UK) ]SAMPLE
80's Good Roots Rock Album.[ Sky High (JA) ]SAMPLE
Cool Roots Rock Vocal Album.[ Trojan (UK) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Roots Album.[ High Note (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Nice Vocal. [ Trojan (UK) ]SAMPLE
Rare. Late 70's Roots With DJ. [ Gorgon (JA) ]SAMPLE