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Cool Rock Steady Vocal. [ Justice Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Cool Rock Steady Vocal. [ Collins Down Beat Re-Issue (UK) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Rock Steady. Leslie Kong Pro. [ Next Step (UK) ]SAMPLE
Nice Rasta Christmas Song. [ Channel 1 Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Rock Rock Vocal. [ Wambesi Re-Issue (UK) ]SAMPLE
Killer Roots Rock Vocal. [ Micron Re-Issue (CA) ]SAMPLE
Foundation Roots Rock Vocal. [ Tuff Gong Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Rock Steady Vocal. [ Joe Gibbs Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Killer Early Reggae. [ Harry J Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Skinhead. Laurel Aitken Pro. [ Trybute Re-Issue (UK) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Roots Rock Vocal. [ Coxsone Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Nice. ( You Don't Care ) [ Studio 1 Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked DJ. ( Rain From The Sky ) [ Iron Side Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Killer Roots Rock Vocal. [ Hot Bound Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Roots Rock Vocal. [ Attack Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Killer Reggae Vocal. [ Striker Lee Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Roots. Cover Of The Wailers. [ Attack Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Rock Steady. 2008. [ Gay Feet Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Wicked Duet Ska. 2007. [ Gay Feet Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Cool Duet Rock Steady. 2007. [ Gay Feet Re-Issue (JP) ]SAMPLE