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Old Hits. Good Early Reggae Vocal. [ Amalgamated (UK) ]SAMPLE
Cool Inst. ( Just Like A River ) [ Joe Gibbs Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Reggae. ( Boby Babylon ) [ Joe Gibbs Re-Issue (US) ]SAMPLE
Foundation. Rock Steady Vocal. [ Amalgamated (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Wicked Rock Steady Vocal. [ Amalgamated (UK) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits. Wicked Early Reggae Vocal. [ Pressure Beat (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Roots. ''Joy In The Morning''. [ Joe Gibbs Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Old Hits Roots. ( I'm Just A Guy ) [ Joe Gibbs Re-Issue (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice DJ. ( Money In My Pocket ) [ Joe Gibbs Re-Issue (US) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Medley Vocal. Joe Gibbs Pro. [ Pucnh (UK) ]SAMPLE
Wicked DJ. ( Win Them By Leo Graham ) [ Jogibs (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Vocal. [ Joe Gibbs (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Roots Rock Vocal. [ Jogibs (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Inst. ( Love Of The Common People ) [ Jogibs (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Vocal. Cover Of The Paragons. [ Pressure Beat (JA) ]SAMPLE
Good Reggae Voca. Joe Gibbs Pro. [ Duke (UK) ]SAMPLE
Good DJ. ( Wear You To The Ball ) [ Jogib (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Reggae Medley Vocal. [ Pressure Beat (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice DJ. ( Rainy Night In Georgia ) [ Jogib (JA) ]SAMPLE
Nice Rock Steady Vocal. [ Amalgamated (UK) ]SAMPLE